The negative effects of a leaking roof in your toilet

A leaking roof in your property or home is one of the last things you’d like to encounter after a hard day’s work. Leaking roofs as a household problem could easily leave negative marks behind if not properly managed by a roofing specialist. The stains on the roof are the least of the damage or negative effects caused by a leaking roof. A leaking roof involves regular water intrusion which gradually streams down from the attic region to the actual foundation of the house.

The negative effects of a leaking roof

A leaking roof tends to cause more harm than good in any given home or property.  A few of these hazards can spread the longer the issue remains unattended.  Here are some of the negative impacts caused by a leaking roof:

Mildew concerns and interior mould: One of the negative impacts caused by a leaking roof is the generation of mildew and mould. Mildew is a form of fungus and is quite similar to mould, as mould appears in a variety of colours such as blue, black, red and green while mildew is white in appearance. The black mould is believed to be the most popular type of these fungi which often emerge and grow as a result of severe water intrusion. These moulds could have a devastating impact on floor coverings and ceiling tiles.

The danger of fire: Some houses are designed in such a way that the electric wiring is present in the ceiling. In this scenario, a leaking roof could easily cause danger or hazard in the event of ripped-off wires.

Health challenges from mould and mildew:  As statedearlier, mould can easily have a negative impact on our health. Individuals that are more likely to suffer from a mould or mildew related health issue are those with high degrees of sensitivity, nasal congestion and asthma. These microbes can easily lead to allergic reactions and poor health issues.

The danger of a slip and fall: One of the most common characteristics of a leaking roof is the ease at which a puddle of water is generated on the floor. This can easily lead to a simple slip by kids or adults which could result in minor or severe injuries

Effects of a leaking roof in your toilet

It is quite easy to detect a leaking roof when one’s bedroom or living room is affected. It might take you longer to discover a ceiling leak in a toilet or bathroom as this is one place that is considered normal to be wet or damp. There is the danger that the leak might go unnoticed for a longer period due to the wet nature of most toilets or bathrooms. This could easily lead to the formation and growth of mould and mildew. With portable toilets, this could be fixed by buying and fitting a replacement roof. For residential toilets in a home, you’ll have to detect the extent of the damage and seek the services of a roofing company like SCC Roofing.  It is important to identify a leaking ceiling as early as possible and seek professional help before the damage spreads too far.