Finding a Roofer

SCC Roofing is based in London and we hope that you contact us if you require a roofing service. However we want to make sure that you make the right decisions when finding a roofer so you don’t get ripped off or end up with a badly constructed roof.

Finding a roofer can be difficult if you don’t know someone in the roofing trade. However this article will give you some advice on how to choose the right roofer for the job.

Types of roofs

Firstly you should consider the type of roof you need repaired, re-tiled, rebuilt etc. There are many types of roofs listed below. What type of roof do I have?

  • Traditional types of roofs
    • Gable
    • Double (multiple) gabled
    • Hipped
    • Double (multiple) hipped
    • Half Hipped
    • Gablet
    • Half hip and gablet
    • Mansard
    • Gambrel
    • Outshut/Catslide
    • Lean to
    • Mono pitch
  • Flat roofs
  • Shallow roofs
  • Dormers
  • Parapets
  • Curved
  • Dome

Now you know the types of roofs there are you have you can give roofing companies more detail when you give them a call or email them. I would recommend calling over emailing because you can have a more thorough conversation.

Location of roofer

Once you know the type of roof you have you can begin to look for a roofer. It is wise to look for a roofer who is local to your city. So for example, if you live in London, you should find a roofer in London.

You can search for a roofing company online easily. Let’s say you live in London. Just type into Google something similar to the terms below:

Or you could be even more specific and type something like:

Roofing Experience

Usually the amount of roofing experience a company has will be displayed on their website because it is something they are proud of. Like any business, if you have been in the industry for a long time you are going to be good at it. So take this into consideration as you don’t want your roof repaired by someone who has watched a YouTube video on roof repairs and thinks he’s a qualified roofer.

Roofing Portfolio

A roofing portfolio can be the best way to choose a roofer. Look at their roofing work and if it looks professional and of a high standard you can be confident that they know what they are doing. If they have no pictures of their work on their website you are wise to be sceptical.

Roofing Testimonials

It’s nice to know what other people have said about the roofers you may hire. You don’t want to hire a roofer who has no customer reviews as you have no proof that they are good at their job. However bear in mind that some people just can’t be bothered to give a review so don’t base the amount of reviews a company has on the amount of jobs the company has carried out. Also remember that a lot of roofing companies have only just given their business an online presence so they may not have lots of testimonials. In any case look for quality over quantity.

Roofing cost

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few local roofing companies you can base your final decision on the cost. Give them a call and explain your roofing needs to them. They may be able to give you a quote over the phone but in most cases they will want to view the roofing work to be carried out in person. Roofing quotes should be free of charge so don’t let a roofer demand money from you.

If you want to hire SCC Roofing we appreciate your interest in our company and the services we offer. Please give us a call on 07940 724 642 or drop us an email.